The Cubner base camp container

Published the 08/11/2015

Container base de vie Cubner Cubner has developed solutions for mining and petroleum industry players. Our products are built specifically for mobility needs and global presence .

Our products are highly resistant to difficult areas.

Our Cubner base camp containers fits your needs, we only realize customized products..

CONTAINER ACCOMMODATION: Give your teams and employees a maximum of comfort in a bunkhouse container to ensure their rest. Different configurations of one to twelve people in a 20 ft or 40 ft container in superposition of several shipping containers.

RELAXATION ROOM: ideal in remote areas for relaxation of your teams or employees. Depending on your needs , Cubner offers:
– Conference room container: round table
– Bath room container: shower, bath, spa area, sauna and hamman
– Container Recreation Room : sofa, TV , home cinema, billiards, pinball, poker table, bar …

KITCHEN CONTAINER: select your 20 or 40ft container to adapt your kitchen including stainless steel elements. These kitchens can be adapted in a single container or combined with a refectory.

REFECTORY CONTAINER: the perfect place to share a meal on site , designed to accommodate 18-30 people.
Intégrate toilets and sinks.

LAUNDRY CONTAINER: container available in 20ft and 40ft, comes with washing machine , dryer, storage area for sorting laundry and evacuation function (filtration area).

CHANGING ROOM AND SANITARY CONTAINERS: complete solutions with lockers and benches, cupboards, and bathroom with shower area with toilets ( electric water heater, radiators) . These containers provide a comfort and safety zone for your teams and employees.