How to choose your shipping container?

Published the 14/09/2016

Which container is the most adapted to your business?

Choisir son conteneur maritime d'occasion ou neuf

Wide problem that we will try to solve together. A quick view to help you choose your shipping container with CUBNER.

You will find on the internet lots of information directly linked or not to the use of a shipping container. Indeed, not easy to find yourself a way through container sizes, surface, volumes or even technical terms, etc.

First of all, to simplify your research, please have a look at our container sizes:


After that, ask yourself these 3 simple questions:

  • What will be my average storage time?

If you need a short-term storage solution, such as 1 or 2 years, it is preferable to choose a second hand shipping container. Indeed, a limited investment will be beneficial to your wallet. The quality will not be down graded but it won’t be a new container. Our used shipping containers have a real value on the second hand market.

If you need a long-term storage solution, more than 2 years for example, a new shipping container will be more adapted. Certain, the investment is not the same, but it can easily be sold because of its new state (following its use).

  • Which surface do I need?

You’re the only that has the answer to this question. What do you need to store? If your container is destined to help you move, you can find some calculation tools on the internet. Be careful, the price difference between a 20ft and a 40ft container is small (prices can change quickly).
Double your storage surface doesn’t mean double your price and that is very important. It is also important to know if you can store a larger shipping container. Anyway, we can help you find a solution. Our expert team will be happy to help you. It’s genetic, it’s our DNA!

  • Is the esthetic aspect of the container important to you?

Bonne idée conteneur

This question can be handled quickly but can also be very important.

We have several quality ranges: last trip container, cargo worthy container, younger unit or new container. A second hand container, even it’s in good state, has already been used for about 10 to 13 years. Its state will be determined by its use. Will your container be stored outside, away from view? If so, then a cargo worthy container will be perfectly adapted.

If you want a storage solution alongside your business, then a new container will be perfectly suited. We can even paint it for you!


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