Datacenter container

The management, computer storage and security of data needs to be more and more protected in the business world.

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Cubner offers a simple, fast and efficient solution to store data on your computer in an ISO shipping container. The advantage of our containers: they are solid, waterproof, , modular, plug and play (plugged in and used).
This type of container can be reinforced to secure your equipment, computer racks, servers etc.
The modularity of our containers allows to have one single container or several containers adapted to extreme conditions. Cubner offers a simple cooling solution for natural ventilation to have more complex cooling.
Cubner can adapt a data container in a 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 45ft container which integrates: a container, insulation, a management system, a generator, solar panels, strengthening security through alarm, camera …
DATA CENTER container is the ideal solution for storing your computer data.