Event container

This container is a perfect solution for all your events whether they are sportive, promotional, cultural, etc.
It can be transported, modulated and adapted to your strategy or marketing to shine on every region or event!


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The event container allows you to have a mobile stand adapted to inside or outside conditions.
It can be transported all over the world thanks to its CSC certificate.

Need a reception container, a stand, a container to combine technology, multimedia, light effects and screens to create a specific space for your clients or visitors? CUBNER can be there to guide you in the development of your project!
Today, it is important to know how to react on the different meanings of your customers and visitors .
May be think about the space on the roof of the container to have a landscaped terrace where to share a user-friendly moment.

Below, the container can be entirely opened to offer a wide space for your customers.
A window could be installed to have proper light or exposition.

Do you have a special project? We can guide you with adapted solutions. Whether you are an advertising company, a firm, an administration, we take our time to study and analyze your project.

Event containers can be used in several ways:

  • Advertising container
  • Exposition container
  • Reception container
  • Container for a property program
  • Night club container