The 40ft. High Cube shipping container is used for shipping cargo of tall height dimensions or to increase storage space.

Surface : 28 m2
Capacity : 77 m3
Length : 2 690 mm

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40ft. HC containers are made for shipping cargo, storage space and container transformation.
The 40ft. high cube container is highly resistant because of its CORTEN steel structure, composed of undulated steel sheets and a MARINE plywood floor of 28mm on steel cross members.

The 40ft. HC container opens towards the outside of the end of the container. Equipped with a double door system and 2 locking bars on each door.
The 40ft. HC new shipping container is also equipped with a lock box to secure the access.
It’s a multimodal solution: rail, barge, shipping cargo and land transport.
It can be transported and delivered in different ways.

All of our new or second hand 40ft. HC containers comply to the CSC standard (Container Safety Certificate – CSC plate), which guarantees a sealing control.

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  • 30cm extra height
  • Secured and sealed
  • Additional storage space
  • Maximum stack height: 7 units
  • Easy to install and without any limit
  • Self supporting structure
  • ISO size type 42G1 – ISO type group 42GP

Internal dimensions
Length: 12029 mm
Width: 2350 mm
Height: 2690 mm

External dimensions
Length: 12192 mm
Width: 2438 mm
Height: 2890 mm

Door dimensions
Width: 2340 mm
Height: 2580 mm

Entire CORTEN steel welded structure
MARINE plywood floor 28mm
2 solid doors for opening
Resistant closing by 4 vertical locking bars
Doors opening width 270°

Additional information
Net weight: 26460 kg
Tare weight: 3940 kg
Max. gross weight: 30480 kg