6 feet Dry Out of stock

The 6ft. dry standard container is a perfect
storage solution on a building site.

Surface : 3,3m2
Capacity : 6 m3
Length : 1 980 mm

  • Volume
  • Surface
  • Lenght
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  • Secured and sealed
  • Compact design
  • Multimodal solution
  • Maximum stack height: 3 units
  • Easy to transport
  • Temporary or permanent storage solution

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6f.. dry containers are composed of undulated Corten steel sheets. It has double doors lockable on one side and a Marine plywood floor on the inside.

Popular on building sites because of its compact design, this container can easily fit into a dump truck. It can be charged and discharged by a crane situated on the front of the truck, a forklift. or even an elevator trolley.

Technical characteristics

Internal dimensions
Length: 1800 mm
Width: 1860 mm
Height: 1730 mm

External dimensions
Length: 1980 mm
Width: 1950 mm
Height: 1910 mm


Entire CORTEN steel welded structure
MARINE plywood floor 28mm
2 solid doors for opening
Doors opening width 270°

Additional information
Net weight: 2000 kg
Tare weight: 570 kg
Max. gross weight: 2050 kg

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