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The tank container is used for transporting liquid products such as alcohol, chemical goods, liquid alimentary products (beer, wine, potable alcohol), hydrocarbons (gasoil, A jet, AVGAS),…

Capacity : 14 à 26  m3
Length : 6 058 to 12 192 mm

  • Volume
  • Surface
  • Lenght
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  • Destined to liquid or gas transports
  • Ideal for import and export
  • Multimodal solution
  • Easy and unlimited transport

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The tank container exists in several versions:

  • With inside coating
  • Adapted insulation
  • Temperature controlling by sensor:
    • Refrigerated tank
    • Heating tank
  • Mobil tanks ADR and Atex

This type of container is mainly used in the industry, the army or distillery.

The tank container is very specific, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help you in your researches.

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Technical characteristics

Internal dimensions
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External dimensions
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CORTEN Structure
Tank: stainless steel

Additional information
Net weight: 34 000 up to 49 100 kg
Tare weight: 2 900 up to 5 100 kg
Max. gross weight: 42 000 up to 55 000 kg

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