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The 40ft. Open Side shipping container is frequently used for charging long products
because of its side opening without central pillar.

Surface : 28 m2
Capacity : 67,7 m3
Length : 12 192 mm

  • Volume
  • Surface
  • Lenght
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  • Full side opening
  • Secured and sealed
  • Easy charging
  • Perfect for Cantilever storage
  • Easy and unlimited installation
  • Self-supporting structure
  • ISO Type 42G1 – ISO group 42GP

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The containers can also be used for storage activity.
Entirely welded in Corten steel sheets, the 40ft. open side is highly resistant to any intrusion.
The 40ft. Open Side is composed of Corten steel sheets and a MARINE plywood floor of 28mm on steel cross members.

Our 40ft. Open Side shipping containers have a pair of double hinged doors along one side of the container giving full side access – as well as a pair of double doors at the end.
It is equipped by a lock box to secure access on each side of the container.

It’s a multimodal solution: rail, barge, shipping cargo and land transport.
It can be transported and delivered in different ways and by different transportation vehicles.

All of our new or second hand 40ft. HC containers comply to the CSC standard (Container Safety Certificate – CSC plate), which guarantees a sealing control.

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Technical characteristics

Internal dimensions
Length: 12032 mm
Width: 2287 mm
Height: 2461mm

External dimensions
Length:  12192 mm
Width: 2438 mm
Height: 2896 mm

Door dimensions (Side door)
Length:  11836 mm
Height: 2308 mm

Side door opening:
Length:  2226 mm
Height: 2348 mm

Entire CORTEN steel welded structure
MARINE plywood floor 28mm
Full side opening

Additional information
Net weight: 18 080 kg
Tare weight: 5 920kg
Max. gross weight: 24 000 kg

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