Pallet Wide 45 feet Out of stock

With 10% more storage space than the 40ft., the 45ft. High Cube Pallet Wide is a long metallic box, created of Corten steel sheets and a marine plywood floor.

Surface : 33 m2
Capacity : 89 m3
Length : 13 716 mm

  • Volume
  • Surface
  • Lenght
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  • Optimized design for wooden pallets
  • Secured and sealed
  • Easy charging
  • Self-supporting structure
  • ISO Type 42G1 – ISO group 42GP

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The 45ft. pallet wide high cube container gives the impression to be extended or that a part of a container has been added because of its 6 iso container corners instead of 4.
It complies to all international ISO standards, it is multimodal and can be easily charged from one vehicle to another without moving its content.
Intermodal solution by excellence, the container can be used to freight all products superior to 12m by land, rail or shipping transport.

The 45ft. container can be delivered new or second handed.
It is also called ‘The Imperial container’ because of its large storage capacity, the largest one on the market.

Our team is ready to advice you and give you all complementary information needed on our 45ft. containers.

Technical characteristics

Internal dimensions
Length: 12 550 mm
Width: 2 410 mm
Height: 2 698mm

External dimensions
Length:  13 716 mm
Width: 2 460 mm
Height: 2 896 mm

Door dimensions (Side door)
Width: 2 359 mm
Height: 2 585 mm


Entire CORTEN steel welded structure
MARINE plywood floor 28mm
2 solid doors for opening
Doors opening width 270°

Additional information
Net weight: 34 000 kg
Tare weight: 4 250 kg
Max. gross weight: 29 000 kg

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