FAQ (Frequently asked questions)


1Do you sell any downgraded or AS IS containers?

By no means we sell downgraded containers. This type of containers does not correspond to our CUBNER policy.

We only offer cargo worthy second hand containers with several control points:
– The container needs to be sealed (doors closed = light proof)
– The locking bars on the doors close correctly
– Seams are in a correct state
– Doors open and close normally
– Certified CSC

2What is the price for a second hand container?

Prices are very variable; it all depends on the availabilities on the harbour.
Please contact us for price inquiry.

3Where do your containers come from?

All our containers come from shipping rental fleets.
At the end of their rental contracts (12 or 13 years), we buy them directly on the harbour.
We do conscientiously select only CWO containers (Cargo Worthy – ready for shipping)
Containers might be available in Le Havre, Marseille, Lyon or Antwerp (Belgium) and Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

4Do you have any downgraded containers?

Yes. But we cannot guarantee this category of containers to be sealed because this type of containers does not correspond to our CUBNER policy.
Normally this type of container is very used and finishes up outside of France.

5Can I see the container?

On request, we can arrange everything.
Please contact us for further information.

6How can I protect my container from any intrusion?

Normally the container structure is very secured. Its double door has a very rigid locking bar against infractions.

But you can also equip your container with our secure locks:
– BARLOCK: the most compact lock of our range
– SECUPLUS: the most sold lock of our range
– SECURLOCK: the most solid at CUBNERS range.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

7How many years can last a container?

A container can last very long time depending on its use.
It is frequent to see containers of over 30 years in a very good state. If it is well maintained, it can last as long as you!!!
Its our CUBNER policy!

8Of what is made a shipping container?

A container is entirely welded in Corten steel sheets.
Corten steel has an important advantage: auto-patina steel. It is used for shipping cargo because of it physical resistance to atmospheric conditions.
Its rust will consist a protection against bad weather conditions.
The container is used in construction since many years, as in modern architecture.

9What is a new container?

The new container is a container who is imported from China (fabricated).
It is used once than discharged in the destination harbour. After that it is stored before selling.
It might have some utilisation traces.


10Where do we build our containers?

No mystery on that question! All containers without exception are build in China.
They comply to all construction standards and are inspected all the way.

11How much does a 20ft container weigh?

The TARE weight of a 20ft container is about 2350kg.

12How much does a 40ft container weigh?

The TARE weight of a 40ft container is about 3350kg.

13Why choose a CUBNER container?

By choosing a CUBNER container, you are certain to have a container that complies to our selection criteria which are:

  • Solidness
  • Sealed and secured
  • Floors perfectly flat
  • Discharging where and whenever you decide

We respect our engagements from A to Z.
Quality is our religion! YOU are the center of our relation!

14What is the difference between a storage and a shipping container?

Everything! Only the dimensions and the aspects are the same.

They are not the same containers. Storage containers are build in Eastern Europe and don’t comply to the same ISO standards as shipping containers.
Everything is different. Sheet thickness, painting and floors. The construction material is different (ordinary steel, simple plywood floor of 23mm).

We propose these containers for customers that want to have a simple storage solution.

15Why do containers have a CSC certificate?

The CSC plate of a shipping container is its quality guarantee. But that’s not enough for us.
It indicates where the container is build, the year of manufacturing and all other information.

16Can I pick up my container on a depot?

Off course! We don’t have any delivery obligation. You can choose to pick up the container by yourself or to have it delivered.

17Why do you clear your containers from customs?

On the harbour it is considered as a transport and not as a product.
Clearing our containers from customs allows us to sell it as a product.
It is included in our sales price.

18In which state are your second hand containers?

Our containers are normally about 10 years old.
It has its original painting. Even thought they have well maintained during their container live, they can have some rust or impact traces.
But they are perfectly airtight and light-proof.

19Do we need a building permission to install a container?

Since the 1st January 2012 and up to 40m2, you only need to declare a container.
We advice your consult your town hall.

20Do I need a screed to install my container?

Absolutely not! Concrete studs are sufficiently!

Please ask our help if needed.

21On which surface can I install my container?

A stable surface is recommended like gravel, concrete or limestone.
But you can also install the container on your lawn if its levelled and stable.

22Are your containers repainted?

The painting on our containers is the original painting. But if the esthetical aspect is important for you, we can repaint the container.

23Do you have any 10ft second hand containers?

Unfortunately, this type of container is not often available in a second hand version.

24Can we choose the colour of our container?

We can suggest you painting on your container in certain situations.
Available colours are: blue, red, green and yellow.

25Does my container have an original floor?

Yes, our containers are equipped with marine plywood floors of 28mm.


26How do I maintain the aspect of my container?

Very simple! A regular clean to get rid of the foam helps it to preserve its aspect.
We can propose you a special product to clean your container.
You can also grease the locking bars once a year to open your container easily.

27Can I find detached pieces for my container?

Yes, we can provide detached pieces. Whether they come from CUBNER or elsewhere.

28Does all container have the same dimension?

Yes, and no. All containers have ISO standards. Only the length of a container changes.
A 20ft dry standard container: 6 x 2,45 x 2,6m (Length x width x height)
A 40ft dry standard container: 12 x 2,45 x 2,6m (Length x width x height)
We also have other versions:
– High Cube +30cm more height
– Pallet Wide +10cm extra width

2929) How is build a container?

A container is entirely welded. It also has a self-supporting structure, its maintain is assured by its form.

3030) Why a DRY container?

It is standard shipping container.
10ft, 20ft and 40ft can be DRY but also Reefer containers.


1What is a reefer or an ICECUBNER?

A reefer container is a refrigerated container, a cold room or a super freezer.
It refrigerating unit allows it to produce negative cold -25°C or positive cold +25°C.
Reefers are build in stainless steel and have a T form steel floor.

2Which gas is used in my refrigerating unit?

We normally use R134A gas.
It is the same gas that your can find in refrigerator or in your air conditioning.
This gas is approved until 2020 because it allows to produce positive and negative cold.

3How is build a reefer or ICECUBNER?

It is entirely welded. The container has a self-supporting structure.
It is composed of highly resistant CORTEN steel sheets.

4Why do you use rails in reefer containers?

The rails are very important to maintain a constant temperature.
They are used as a cold channel to assure a constant temperature in your reefer.
Fabricated in aluminium, it avoids freezing so that the floor doesn’t get slippery.

5How does a reefer container work?

The container produces cold air due to its refrigerating unit.
It can be delivered with an independent generator who functions with a thermal engine for your container. They can provide an important autonomy.


6What is the power of a reefer container?

A reefer container of ICECUBNER has an average power of 12kWh.

7How much does a reefer consume?

That varies in function of it average temperature.
Normally it consumes between 9A/h and 11A/h.


1Do you deliver containers?

Yes of course. It is one of our most important services.
The delivery of a shipping container is very important for us. It is the achievement of our service to you.
With CUBNER, you can be delivered WHERE you want and WHEN you want!
We deliver nationwide, even is complicated circumstances.
Whether it need to be delivered inside or outside, we can find a solution.

2Can you discharge the container?

Yes. Transport and discharging are very important for us. Our transporters can discharge your container thanks to a truck equipped with a crane.

If discharging seems to be complicated to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Do you need more information?

Our teams are here to guide you!

Contact us