Rental information

Looking for a storage solution ? We know your requirements as demanding customer , you want as a secure storage solution , sealed and sometimes mobile , or even refrigerated?

Cubner has the solution for you! We organize rental, delivery and discharging in France.
Whether you are an individual, a company, an association or an administration looking for a storage solution , Cubner will meet your expectations in a short time to provide you an extra storage space, safer and more secured.
We can offer you the appropriate container size according to the volume of your materials , archives or cardboards to store.

Cubner is based in Périgueux in the Dordogne and also offers on its website a self storage solution , contact us , we will guide you .
You will find below our price range , this price is evolutionary depending on the services offered:

  • Short-term contract
  • Long-term contract
  • Simple storage container
  • Refrigerated IceCubner container
  • Highly secured padlock rental

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