A shipping container, what for?

Published the 08/06/2016

Hi everyone,

We are often questioned on the use of CUBNER shipping containers.

Why use a shipping container?

Indeed, it’s not common to use a container in the back of your garden to store some things. You could be surprised!

The use of a shipping container is endless. The only limit is your imagination.

Professionals, individuals, associations or institutions are already frequently using our containers for storage. Our delivery delays and its easy setup are our key success factors.

Better than words, here are some examples of storage use or even a house project:

livraison et déchargement d'un container maritime d'occasion 40 pieds ou 12 mètres

Used by an individual.

Delivery address: Dordogne (24)

Type: 40ft. second hand shipping container

Use: creation of an extension

Link 40ft container

Container maritime 40 pieds occasion type CWO - CUbner

Used by a professional

Delivery address: Loire Atlantiques (44)

Type: 40ft. second hand shipping container

Use: increase the storage volume and secure products.

Link 40ft container

Mise en place d'un container maritime 20 pieds

Used by an individual.

Delivery address: Charentes Maritime (17)

Type: 20ft. second hand shipping container

Use: temporary storage space, garage

Link 20ft container

Création autoconstruction maison container maritime - Cubner

Used by an individual

Delivery address: Cher (18)

Type: 40ft. second hand shipping container

Use: creation of a high class house (auto-construction)

Link 40ft container

Mainly used for storage space activity, our CUBNER containers are useful for all activities who desire to increase their storage space.
A container can be used for all activities, regardless your business!

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